Montpellier, France News Roundup for October 12, 2018

Montpellier to Strengthen Support for Artisans in Montpellier

A convention for the next three years was signed yesterday between Mayor of Montpellier, Philippe Saurel,  and the President of the Chamber of Artisan Trades, Christian Pujol.

This convention will extend Montpellier’s label of “City of Artisan Trades” (city labels are designated by the federal government) to the entire greater Montpellier agglomeration. It will also assist local artisans to make compliance with environmental regulations easier in the center of Montpellier, increase opportunities for artisan trades in lower-income neighborhoods, and extend digital support.

Weather Forecast This Weekend…

Saturday will be mostly cloudy, but rain is in the forecast for Sunday with possible storms. This gray weather will continue through Monday. It is that time of year, I’m afraid!

Health “Futurapolis” Events at the Place de la Comédie on Saturday

Activities and events open to the public will be held on the Place de la Comédie and at the Opéra de la Comédie in the center of Montpellier all day on Saturday.

On the Place de la Comédie, the public will be invited to walk into a balloon structure representing a giant human brain (!) to visit its different zones.

In the Opéra, there will be exhibits and conferences about topics such as medically assisted procreation and the secrets of athletes.

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