Montpellier, France News Roundup for October 9, 2018

Security at Université Paul Valéry

The Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier hired security officers to screen students as they entered campus this morning.  This measure was taken to prevent student protestors from taking over the campus as they did last spring during a student strike that lasted for over two months.

The student union Scum  (heh) complained that the increased security was in fact a lockdown that prevented even personnel from accessing the campus. The administation disagreed and reported that the security officers were able to intercept a group of 20 students who tried to enter the campus at 8:00am (we supposed with the intention to block access to classrooms).

Today’s Demonstration in Montpellier

There were approximately 2,000 people who participated in the national demonstration today in Montpellier. They gathered at the Péyrou park and walked the streets of Montpellier to the Place de la Comédie. This demonstration caused numerous delays with bus and tram service in and around Montpellier.

The protestors’ anger was focused on financial reforms of the Macron administration: increase in CSG (contributions to social charges), a freeze on government allocations, and a proposed decrease in unemployment compensation.





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